Feb. Pizza with the Professors!

Hey One West! If you didn’t come down this last week, there was a pizza with the professors that was awesome! We had a professor from the biology department and from the education department which lead to some great conversations. I hope you all can make it to the next one and enjoy the same […]

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Flu Prevention BB

Hello One West, If you haven’t checked it out yet, there’s a new bulletin board up. It’s on tips and tricks to avoid getting the flu and staying healthy. Check it out to learn some useful advice on keeping your body healthy such as hydrating and washing your hands!

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Using Yoda to Get Stuff Done

Hey One West! If you haven’t already seen it, check out our new bulletin board on procrastination! It’s filled with fun facts, Star Wars, and Memes! What is there for you not to enjoy?! Take time to read through and learn some time saving quick tips to help you master your studies this semester!

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Snow Place Like Home!

Hey One West! I hope everyone enjoyed there break this year and did a bunch of cool fun things! Enjoy this awesome snow cone/ ice cream cone door decs as a treat to the new year! Hope your year starts off strong!

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Pizza with the Professors

A special thank you goes out to Zach and Travis of One West for attending the monthly Pizza with the Proffesors Dec 5th. The night was filled with pizza, laughs, and funny stories about fun history facts and science provided by our lovely professors. Thank you for all who attended and can’t wait to see […]

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Refuse Reuse Recycle BB

Hey One West, If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new bulletin board up talking about the many ways you can help the environment. Reusing, reducing, and recycling are some of many methods to help limit waste. The bulletin board details many facts about waste and environmental conservation techniques. Go check it out!

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Poverty Dinner

Recently we had a special event in the Tv Lounge; The Poverty Thanksgiving Dinner! For those of you who attended, there was free food as well as a cool activity which helped provide everyone a fresh perspective on what poverty in the world means and how it effects people. Overall, I think the event was […]

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Pizza with the Proffesors (Oct) 

Recently we had our first Pizza with the Proffesors in the TV Lounge of Pickard Hall. Those who attended learned many things from the professors. One of these such things were that as students we should strive to never lose that desire to learn and to take genuine interest in what we learn. Thanks go […]

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