Halo Tourney

Thank you One West for participating in our Halo Tournament! I was very glad to see so many of us there and competing. A special Shout out goes out to Tyler from our wing for letting us borrow his Xbox when we had technical errors. Another shout out goes again to Tyler and Travis who […]

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College Tip for Success

Hey One West, If you haven’t checked it out already, there is a new bulletin board up with some helpful tips to being successful in college. If you’re looking for better ways to study, better time management strategies, or just are keen on learning how to manage stress better, check out this bulletin board!

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Healthy Lifestyle BB

 Hey One West! If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s a new bulletin board on our wing. The board is filled with great tips to help you be healthy, happy, and productive on a day to day as well as ongoing basis. Be sure to swing by for some handy life tips! 

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Circle Olympics Pool Tournament

If you didn’t already know, this last Thursday wrapped up Circle Olympics with our annual pool tournament. Although we may not have won this year, we gave it out best shot. It was an all around fun tournament to spectate and participate in. A special thanks goes out to Bryan and Travis for helping support […]

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Circle Olympics Basketball

Thank you all who attended and supported Pickard Hall in this years annual Circle Olympics Basketball tournament. Although the team may have been a man short and lost both matches, we gave it our best shot and got a two pointer every so often. Shout out to Bryan who came to play and made a […]

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Career Fair Success Talk

Hey One West! Last week Monday we hosted a Career Fair Success Talk in the 4th floor study lounge. At the event we talked about many tips for success at a career fair such as, how to dress, how to make/present a resume, and what to expect walking into a career fair. I think it’s […]

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Mega Volleyball game

A big shout out goes out to the residents of One West and beyond who attended the volleyball game with the massive volleyball last week Friday. The game was so much fun even though the wind decided to take the ball away from us at times. It was so much fun to see people being […]

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Saturday Night Magician

This last Saturday we had a special show in the Marquee where a guest magician came and performed for us. The show was mind boggling and very entertaining for all as he performed mind blowing tricks that continued to captivate and amaze the audience of students from all across campus. Thank you to all of […]

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