Ping Pong Play

Ping pong or table tennis? Whatever you call it, you cannot deny it’s a lot of hand-eye coordination and fun! Thank you to Luke, Bret, Ryan, Noah, and Brent for playing several games. It was awesome! Have a wonderful and safe spring break!

Canadian Bulletin Board

Oh, sorrey! Canadians are among the nicest people in the world. Hockey, moose, and maple syrup are just a few things that most people think of when asked, “What comes to mind when you think of Canada?” Check out this Bulletin board for 10 Reasons Why Canadians are Better than Everyone Else, maple syrup facts, and the Canadian National Anthem.


Pizza with the Profs

This past Monday, Pickard Hall hosted our second Pizza with the Profs of the semester.The featured professors Kokou Gadedji (Accounting) and Lucie Kadjo (Ag Business) where extremely engaging and fun to interact with. They both shared their cultural experiences both coming from Africa. We appreciate them setting time from their busy schedules to speak with students.

Do you like free pizza? Of course! Who doesn’t like free pizza? The last two dates for Pizza with the Profs are Tuesday, April 4th and Wednesday, April 26th.


March Door Decs

The latest door decs are shamrocks with hats and pots o’gold! I hope midterms are going well for everyone. Just think we are practically halfway done with spring semester. Doesn’t the time fly? As you go home for break try to organize your plans for the summer whether that be an internship, vacation, or just chilling with family and friends. Before you know it, summer will be here. Don’t forget to pick up a shamrock shake on your way home this week!

Stand Up Saturday Double Header


The old saying goes that “two is always better than one” and that is what happened at Stand-Up Saturday! On Saturday March 4, CPR brought in not one, but TWO stand-up comedians to the Markee. First up was the hilarious two-time Last Comic Standing finalist Maggie Faris. Immediately following Maggie was the world-renowned comedian, and magician, Ben Seidman. As you can see the Crossing was quite packed! Pickard’s 1 West Nathan can be seen wearing a purple cap and sitting with other Pickard residents.


Thank you to Ross, Megan, and Maegan for accompanying me to Stand-Up Saturday we had a great time laughing and relieving all the stress that has built up due to midterms. They say laughter is the best medicine. So the next time Stand-Up Saturday happens (April 1) bring your friends to the Markee for a laugh.

Pool Game

I had an extremely fun time playing pool with Ben and Ethan Friday night. It was a nice way to relax from midterm assignments and tests. If anyone is interested in a pool tournament let me know. Otherwise, if you like to take me on one-on-one I’d be happy to do so. I suck pretty bad. If you are looking more for a challenge, ask Ben or Ethan to play you in a couple games.

Pioneer Pantry

Did you know what UW-Platteville has just started here? UWP has started a food pantry to combat the hunger that some students face because they are not always able to purchase food regularly.

What can you do to help? Right now there is a wing war in Pickard! Look for these boxes outside your RA’s room where food items may be dropped off. Some items are worth three points.

Once the week is up we will collect it and take it over to the doors left of GWAM. Would you like to do more than just donate food items?

Be like Megan and volunteer your time to help out a great cause! This coming Friday, March 10th from 2-4PM come on over and help sort food items. For more information contact Megan Ferrel.

Toga Party!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to Pickard’s Toga Party! It was a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed the root beer keg as well as the games. If you missed this awesome opportunity to have fun, do not fret. Hall Council occurs every Wednesday night at 8:30 PM in the TV Lounge.


Canada Talk

Canada, our neighbors to the north, are among the nicest people in the world. Hockey, moose, and maple syrup are just a few things that most people think of when asked, “What comes to mind when you think of Canada?” Ben and Ethan (pictured above) have showed me a hilarious video poking fun at our recent political situation and Canadian stereotypes. It has been requested that I make a Canadian board so be sure to keep your eyes open for that will be up soon!