Flapjack Flannels FNC!

Thank you to all of One West who took advantage of free pancakes this last Friday! Flapjack Flannels was a great success this weekend thanks to Morrow Hall who organized the event! The event not only filled hungry bellies but also allowed many students to spend time and bond with one another while eating breakfast […]

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Pizza Palooza w/ GotG V2

Thank you One West for gathering to attend our annual pizza and movie event this year! It was a ton of fun as we got to eat some delicious pizza from across town and sit down and watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 under the stars. For those of us who attended, I believe […]

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Grill and Chill in the Circle!

For those of you who don’t already know, this last Monday Pickard Hall, along with Brockert and Hugenein, hosted a Grill and Chill in the center circle. There were many things to do there including volleyball, a slip and slide, games of catch, hotdogs, and much much more! It was so nice seeing everyone from […]

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The Ball Drop!

Hey One West! If you weren’t there, the Ball drop this last Sunday was great! It was so cool seeing nearly 500 light up balls fall and fly off the concrete. Congrats to those lucky individuals who were able to snag a cool piece of CPR memorabilia and a big shout out to those of […]

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Glow Campus! 

Glow Campus was awesome this year! Thanks to all of One West who made it out there this Sunday; I’m glad so many of you attended even if just for a short while! It was really nice to let loose and groove to the music in the dimly lit night. So happy everyone had a […]

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Super Fight in the Basement!

A special shoutout goes out to CJ and Brandon who joined us in playing Superfight this Saturday in the basement study lounge. It was a lot of fun debating who would win each battle and many laughs were had that night! I enjoyed getting to know everyone on a deeper level and discovering just how […]

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Free Movie/Bowling Night

A big thank you goes out to those who participated in this Saturdays Bowling and Movie night. It was a blast and gave everyone an excuse to stay up late making new friends and hanging out with old ones! Going from 11 at night until 2 the next morning, I think it’s safe to say […]

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Playfair Fun for One West

Tons of fun occurred Saturday after move in in the Pioneer Softball field for the freshman of One West. Here we made new friends, played some small games, got to know others a bit better, meet new people of different backgrounds, and just found a way to hang loose and be ourselves. I hope everyone […]

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